Rewards Store

Welcome to the Azarus Store, where your gameplay and engagement earn you more than just points—they open the door to a variety of exciting rewards. From games to gift cards, the Azarus Store offers a dynamic range of items that are refreshed daily, ensuring there's always something new to pique your interest. This manual provides a detailed guide on how to navigate the store, utilize your AZA points, and enjoy the benefits of your rewards.

Accessing the Store

To start exploring the Azarus Store, simply visit The store is accessible via web on both desktop and mobile platforms, allowing you to browse and redeem your rewards conveniently.

Daily Refresh of Items

The store's inventory is updated daily, offering a fresh selection of items regularly. This ensures that you have access to a variety of rewards, keeping the shopping experience exciting and engaging. Check in often to see what new items have been added!

Spending Limits and KYC Verification

To ensure a safe and compliant shopping environment, the Azarus Store implements a spending limit of $500 per account. If you wish to spend beyond this limit, you will need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. This process is straightforward and helps to maintain the security of transactions within the store.

Using AZA Points

Earning AZA points is part of the interactive experience with Azarus. These points can be directly used in the store to claim rewards. Here’s how you can use your AZA points:

  1. Browse the Store: Navigate through the store and choose the items you are interested in.

  2. Check Your Balance: Your current AZA balance is displayed in your account. If you have enough points for the desired item, you can proceed to redeem it.

  3. Redeem Rewards: Select the item and use your AZA points to claim it. If your points cover the full cost, no additional payment is needed.

Supplementary Payment Options

If you don’t have enough AZA points to cover the full cost of an item, you can pay the remaining amount using PayPal or cryptocurrency. This hybrid payment system allows you to enjoy your rewards by combining your earned points with other payment methods, making it flexible and user-friendly.

  1. Partial Payment with AZA: Choose your item and apply your AZA points towards the cost.

  2. Pay the Remaining Balance: Select either PayPal or your preferred cryptocurrency to pay the remaining balance. Complete the transaction to finalize the purchase.

Redeeming Games and Gift Cards

Whether you’re looking to expand your gaming library or enjoy shopping with gift cards, redeeming these items is just a few clicks away:

  1. Select Your Reward: Choose from a variety of games and gift cards available in the store.

  2. Redeem Using AZA or Mixed Payment: Use your AZA points, or a combination of AZA points and another payment method, to claim your reward.

  3. Receive Your Item: For digital games, you will receive a code to download the game. For gift cards, a digital code will be provided that can be used online or in-store, depending on the vendor’s terms.

  4. Your code will be available to retrieve in-place and in your wallet


The Azarus Store offers a unique and rewarding way to utilize the points you earn while engaging with interactive content. With daily refreshes, a variety of items, and flexible payment options, it’s designed to enhance your gaming and viewing experiences. Dive into the Azarus Store and start claiming the rewards you deserve today!

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