What is Azarus and how does it work?

Azarus is revolutionizing advertising by transforming it from a disruptive necessity into an engaging, rewarding experience. While streaming technology has evolved significantly over the past 20 years, traditional advertising has remained largely unchanged. Azarus introduces innovative ad overlay technology that allows viewers to interact with ads and receive rewards for their engagement.

We collaborate with hundreds of leading streamers on Twitch, utilizing our Twitch Extension to display overlay ads during their streams. We manage the technical aspects behind the scenes, deploying ads at predetermined intervals and tracking campaign progress in real time.

Where do the ads run on Twitch?

As mentioned, we work with hundreds of streamers. The ads appear during their streams on the left-hand panel of the video being watched.

How do I create an ad campaign with Azarus?

It’s simple! Just go to the "Getting Started with Playable Ads" tab and follow the instructions.

What types of trivia work best?

Typically, we like to see questions about your brand/products. These can be fun, educational, and ultimately provide viewers with more information about your offerings.

EXAMPLE: Question: How many Soda flavors are available? Correct answer: 16 Wrong answer: 2 Wrong answer: 10 Wrong answer: 5

What kind of rewards can viewers receive by engaging with ads?

Viewers are rewarded with our loyalty point, AZA, that can be used in our digital storefront to claim over 35,000 items. The store includes everything from online games, to gift cards.

How can I measure the success of my ad campaign?

We provide the following metrics at the end of the campaign and will look at engagement rate as a benchmark of success.

  • Unique Interactions (Played Impressions)

  • Unique Viewed Impressions

  • Total Interactions

  • Total Impression

  • Engagement Rate

What kind of support does Azarus offer to advertisers?

We are happy to have further discussions around your campaign. Just booked time with our CRO, Chris, in the calendar link below.

How can I schedule a meeting to discuss my campaign needs or answer other questions I have?

If you’d like to talk with us, please schedule time with our CRO, Chris Schave, here: https://cal.com/chrisschave

Where can I find more information and updates about Azarus?


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