How to Play and Earn with Azarus

Playing and earning rewards with Azarus is an exciting and seamless experience for viewers on Twitch, whether you're watching on the web or mobile. As you enjoy your favorite streams that use our extension, keep an eye out for our interactive playable ads that will pop up on the Twitch video player. Once a game starts, you’ll have the opportunity to participate directly on the extension.

Here’s how it works: Engage with the game by answering trivia questions or completing the interactive challenges presented. Playing along with other viewers and answering correctly will earn you AZA points, which you can accumulate and later spend in the Azarus Store. Our store offers a variety of rewards, ranging from latest games and digital items to gift cards and more, all available exclusively to participants who engage with Azarus games.

To maximize your opportunities to play and earn, join the Azarus community on Discord at Our Discord server is the perfect place to find out which channels are currently hosting Azarus games, share tips and strategies with other players, and stay updated on the latest Azarus news and events. Joining the Azarus Discord community will ensure you never miss out on a chance to play and earn rewards while enjoying your favorite Twitch content.

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