Interactive, Rewarding Ads on Streams.

Azarus turns any stream into a game.

Azarus is a game platform that enables the creation of Games that magically show up on viewers’ screens on top of any livestream, encouraging viewers to interact with the ability to “watch, play, and earn”.

Streams are not TV. Livestreams are meant to be interactive, bringing fans together for what should be the biggest party on earth. Azarus is the first platform to build, deploy, and monetize games for streams. Azarus has developed a unique technology which turns any existing livestream into a game with only marginal changes on the stream's infrastructure.

As viewers continue to watch Esports and sports through streaming apps which drive billions of active viewers, entertainment is shifting to massively live interactive experiences, inherently creating digital arenas. If the Metaverse is a digital arena, Azarus operates (digital) t-shirt toss contests at a scale never seen before. Viewers, as well as all other stakeholders involved in enabling the Azarus experience, from streamers to game publishers to networks, are rewarded with AzaCoins every time a game takes place.

Azarus is actively driving the creation of a streaming ecosystem for live events through innovation and the adoption of Web3 technology for streamers, viewers, and industry participants who see the shift of fandom toward partnership, agency, and community.

Azarus launched in September 2018 on Twitch in partnership with Ubisoft and Rainbow Six: Siege. The founders, Alex Casassovici and Andrew Lacy, are serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits, and the company is backed by prominent venture capital firms and angel investors.

Equal Rewards System

The advent of streaming was a watershed moment for Web2, bringing together creative experiences, live content and social interaction with immediacy and immersion.

The streaming economy has long thrived on the engagement of viewers willing to trade their attention for entertainment. In the Web2 world, this attention has traditionally been leveraged for advertising dollars, with only marginal returns for fans and creators. Within the emerging Web3 era, this value exchange is being rapidly reimagined with fans and creators now expecting a fair reward system in return for their engagement.

The AzaCoin is making this possible by rewarding viewers and streamers who opt in to play sponsored games during a livestream. Game developers and networks also receive AzaCoins as a reward for enabling this ecosystem to function.

Aligning Incentives between Platforms, Creators, Viewers

As a result of this next-generation ecosystem, streaming and gaming platforms must respond by integrating cutting-edge models, frameworks, and experiences.

Imagine attending an NBA basketball game and vying for the chance to catch a t-shirt that’s rocketed into the crowd by a mascot at half-time. Today’s zeitgeist now calls for those exact moments of reward and delight for audiences while enjoying streamed entertainment too.

That’s where Azarus comes in. Through Azarus Games, and the ability for viewers to win rewards, Azarus provides viewers both a sense of competition and an incentive for continued conversation, with exciting possibilities by way of the AzaCoin and redeemable prizes. Azarus creates an ecosystem that gives back to viewers for their time and attention while simultaneously benefiting all stakeholders involved. AzaCoins give creators and brands the currcney of fandom, a means of incentivizing viewers and driving engagement.

Our technology turns any video player into a rewarding game platform connected to a wallet. Anyone can build interactive experiences while utilizing the AzaCoin, which allows Azarus to evolve its offering within this revolutionized economy. It’s simple: build, distribute, and monetize.

The integration of the AzaCoin into the existing Azarus ecosystem propels Azarus and its Overlay Games to become the leading facilitator of interactivity for all live event broadcasts.

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