Getting Started With Playable Ads

Welcome to Azarus, where your brand can engage with an enthusiastic gaming audience through innovative playable trivia ads on Twitch livestream channels.

Special Offer

For a limited time, receive a $2,500 credit for $2,500 spend to launch playable trivia ads on Twitch livestream channels if signed up by the end of April!

This gives you a guaranteed 2,500 clicks with an estimated 50,000 views on top channels on Twitch!

By participating in our special offer, you get to harness the power of interactive advertising and gain a significant initial credit to kickstart your campaigns. Here's how to get started and make the most out of this unique opportunity:

1. Secure Your Spot with a Deposit

To take advantage of our exclusive $2,500 credit offer, begin by making a deposit of $2,500 through our provided PayPal link. This initial deposit ensures your participation and unlocks the potential of engaging with a highly interactive audience on one of the most popular live streaming platforms.

Deposit $2500 through Paypal with FIAT or using Crypto on Coinbase Commerce

2. Prepare and Submit Your Creative Assets

Once your deposit is confirmed, within 24h, you will be contacted by an account manager and will receive a link to a folder where you can upload your creative assets. This includes everything needed for your playable ad, such as graphics, trivia questions, and answers. We’ve made it easy for you to design your ads with our Figma template, which you can access through the following link to guide your creative process:

You'll also need a minimum of 20 Trivia questions 20x (1 question, 1 good answer, 3 wrong answers)

When ready, you can upload your assets using this form.

Ensure that your submissions meet the guidelines detailed in the guide to facilitate a smooth approval process. Our team will verify your assets, and upon approval, your campaign will be scheduled to go live.

3. Campaign Launch

After your assets are verified, your campaign is all set to launch. Your interactive ads will start appearing in Twitch livestreams, engaging viewers with fun and informative trivia about your brand. This not only helps increase brand awareness but also drives viewer interaction through the reward-based system, enhancing the overall impact of your advertising efforts.

Need Help or More Information?

If you have any questions or need assistance at any point, from setting up your campaign to after-launch adjustments, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can schedule a meeting with our Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Schave, to discuss your campaign needs in detail or to get answers to any other inquiries you might have. Schedule your appointment here:

Schedule Meeting with Chris Schave

Go Big!

We know you'll love it. When ready, your account manager will help you plan your next campaign. Enable retargeting, create custom interactive ads... there's so much to explore on Azarus. We'll mave your brand shine.

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