Azarus’ goal is to offer livestreams a new means of generating value, but in a fair and balanced way across all stakeholders.

The Azarus ecosystem rewards all stakeholders involved in enabling it, from game developers and networks to streamers and viewers. This shared desire to participate in the Azarus ecosystem creates a mutually beneficial opportunity as stakeholder incentives align, thus amplifying the token’s value for all participants.

AzaCoin Economy

The Azarus economy is powered by the $AZA currency, AzaCoin. When playing any sponsored game on the platform, viewers earn AzaCoins, which are backed 1:1 by the Azarus Token, live on Ethereum Mainnet.

Games are monetized by AzaCoins, which are funded by either Sponsors or community wallets. When sponsoring games, brands acquire and distribute AzaCoins to all stakeholders. When games are executed on streams, AzaCoins are staked and distributed to all stakeholders as viewers interact and win.

Unlike many other tokens, the AzaCoin is an extension of our existing AZA points system, which has been operating as a loyalty point system since early 2018. Azarus has been built on blockchain from day 1, originally on EOSIO. By upgrading the AZA points system into the AzaCoin, we give Users full ownership of their rewards. The coin's function is in the ecosystem, but like any currency it has fluidity; after it’s unwrapped, it will be fully in the hands of its holder.

AzaCoin as a Payment Method

The AzaCoin is the currency of the Azarus platform. The main uses of the AzaCoin include the following:

  • Run sponsored campaigns: Brands need AzaCoins to sponsor and run campaigns on the Azarus platform. Campaigns are defined by a budget, a maximum cost-per-interaction, a game and a target audience.

  • Redeem in the Azarus Store: Viewers can claim rewards in the store using their AzaCoins. Rewards include game licenses, gift cards, and much more. Currently, the Azarus Store has more than 35,000 items.

  • Bid or buy instantly on streams: Using their AzaCoin balance, viewers can interact and pay for digital assets right on the stream, opening the door to many possible ways to interact with not only one other, but with brands, developers and streamers.

  • Purchase digital assets in the Azarus Marketplace: Viewers who won a bid for a digital asset drop organized in an Azarus Games session can list their digital assets on the Azarus Marketplace, where other Viewers can purchase these digital assets with the AzaCoin.

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