Team & Backers

Azarus is composed of a senior team capable of executing Azarus’ mission along with more than 30 contributors across the USA, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Hungary, Mexico, and Poland.

The Core Team

Alex Casassovici, CEO and Founder: Alex is a telecommunication engineer graduated from a French Ivy, serial entrepreneur with three successful exits and angel investor. He’s located in San Francisco, CA. Alex is an international speaker on blockchain, gaming and sports matters. Alex co-founded Azarus, oversees general operations, and is acting CTO.
Andrew Lacy, Co-Founder, Board Member: Andrew is a former lawyer, Stanford MBA and serial entrepreneur. Andrew advises multiple start-ups and is CEO and founder of Prenuvo, a medical tech startup. He was a co-founder of Tapulous, a mobile games company that Disney acquired. Andrew is a non-executive board member at Azarus.
Dimitri Lubimenko, VP of Finance and Blockchain: Dimitri is a senior finance executive with over 11 years of experience in high growth, entrepreneurial, and private equity-backed environments. Most recently, Dimitri has held the role of CFO at Pencilmation (a YouTube animation giant). He has an extensive history in corporate banking, building out financial structures, and scaling up and developing revenue streams.
Laura Cordrey, VP of Marketing: Laura is a savvy brand and community leader with extensive roots in gaming and tech. She recently joined Azarus after launching New World in the French and UK markets for Amazon. Laura has also worked with Ubisoft and BlaBlaCar in international marketing roles that build communities and establish brand values for customers.
Torry Stanley, Chief Revenue Officer: Torry is an advertising executive with a proven track record of managing large organizations, bringing new ad products to market, and working across job functions to drive innovation and scale revenue. After attending university, he began a career in tech sales, which led him to a role selling advertising in the very early days of what is now Amazon Ads. Torry held a number of senior roles during his ten and a half years at Amazon, including Sales Specialist Manager, where he led the launch of advertising on Amazon Fire Tablet, Fire TV, and Amazon Live. Most recently he was managing the IMDb Sales and Marketing organization.
Arthur Price, Creative Director: Arthur is an experienced creative leader in video games who has worked in art direction and UI for top companies such as Behaviour Interactive, Jam City, and Electronic Arts before leading the way for Azarus product design.
Tanya Ponomarenko, Product Owner: Tanya is an experienced UI/UX designer, who has worked on a wide variety of marketing and ecommerce digital products. She is the product owner at Azarus as well as a senior UI/UX designer. Tanya has a JD law degree.
Pasha Silaiev, Head of Engineering: Pasha’s tech journey started in 2008. Throughout his career, he built many products and platforms using various programming languages and technologies such as Adobe Flash (ActionScript), Wordpress (PHP), Golang, and Node.js. After joining Azarus as a backend engineer in 2019, Pasha began focusing more on architecture, team management, and web3 technologies. He’s currently heading the entire engineering team.

Investors & Advisors

Since incorporating in Summer 2018, Azarus has raised $6.5M from top investors and angels
Our advisors come from Industry and academic backgrounds, lending their network and insight to the project.